Education Books RSS feed for public list Education Books Arts-based research in education: foundations for practice by Cahnmann-Taylor, Melisa [ed.] Cross-curricular teaching and learning in the secondary school- humanities: history, geography, religious studies and citizenship by Harris, Richard Doing multicultural education for achievement and equity by Grant, Carl A. Education and democracy in India by Vaugier-Chatterjee, Anne [ed.] Educational regimes in contemporary India by Chopra, Radhika [ed.] Educational research and policy-making: exploring the border country between research and policy by Saunders, Lesley [ed.] Improving inter-profesional collaborations: multi-agency working for children's wellbeing by Edwards, Anne Language, culture, and teaching: critical perspectives by Nieto, Sonia Management of secondary education in Iindia: quality, performance and administration by Sujatha, K. On education by Russell, Bertrand Overcoming inequality: why governance matters by Unesco Practice-based research in social work: a guide for reluctant researchers by Dodd, Sarah-Jane Researching young children's perspectives : by Harcourt, Deborah [ed.] Teacher education around the world: changing policies and practices by Darling-Hammond, Linda [ed.] The dynamics of educational effectiveness: a contribution to policy, practice and theory in contemporary schools by Creemers, Bert P. M. The moral economy of the madrasa: Islam and education today by Sakurai, Keiko [ed.] The process of education: a landmark in educational theory by Bruner, Jerome S. The struggle for the history of education by McCulloch, Gary Use of external representations in reasoning and problem solving: analysis and improvement by Verschaffel, Lieven [ed.] What is worth teaching? by Kumar, Krishna