Sage Books Tulj Lib RSS feed for public list Sage Books Tulj Lib Dealing with Poverty by Jumani, Usha Decentralization and Local Politics by Jha, S.N. (Ed.) Development Intervention and Programmes Evaluation Concepts & Cases by Padaki, Vijay (Ed.) Development Policy and Administration by Mathur, Kuldeep (Ed.) Farm Forestry in South Asia by Saxena,N C Feminist Theory Today by Evans, Judith First Five Years by Swaminathan, M. (Ed.) India's Eucalyptus Craze by Saxena, N.C. Lessons from Schools - The History of Education in Banaras by Kumar, N. Managing Common Property by Sengupta, Nirmal Managing Irrigation Together by Maloney, Clarence Participatory Development by Chopra, K.( Political Regimes, Public Policy and Economic Development by Sims, Holly Politics and Development by Tornquist, Olle Politics and the State in India by Hasan, Zoya (Ed.) User-Friendly Irrigation Designs by Sengupta, Nirmal Women and Development: by Seth, Mira Women Democracy and the Media by Bhthla, S. Women in Indian Society by Ghadially, Rehana (Ed.) Women, Poverty and Resources by Wignaraja, Ponna